Share your story!

This website hosts the stories, anecdotes, experiences and perspectives of young feminists and young women who are in the climate and environmental movements.

Anyone who self-identifies as a young feminist for climate and environmental justice can directly submit their story through the online form. 

Additionally, we have worked with young feminist story collectors, who reached out to young activists and environmental defenders in their regions and interviewed them. We have also worked with young feminist artists to illustrate the stories, and create visuals based on the project.

Finally, we are facilitating spaces where we can connect with each other in person, such as a workshop at COY (Conference of Youth) 13; and compiled and printed a collection of the stories for dissemination at COP23 and beyond.

Until when can I submit a story?

You can submit your story to the online platform until the end of the year, 2017.

I want to write something, but I’m not sure where to start…

Here are a couple of guiding questions and pointers that might help you!

  • Anecdote: Tell us about an experience you had that shows aspects of what being a young woman or young feminist in climate or environmental advocacy is for you.
  • Story of your path: Share how you chose to become involved in feminist and/or environmental justice activism, what your path has been, challenges you’ve encountered and how you’ve faced them.
  • Perspective: What is climate and/or environmental justice to you? How does it connect with feminism? As a young woman and/or young feminist, what is your vision for the future?
  • Demands: What are the objectives of your activism? What are your concrete demands? What are your priorities, as a young feminist/young woman for climate/environmental justice? What do you think is needed for movement building at the intersections of feminism and the environment?
  • Creativity: Share poetry, non-narrative writing, visual art or other creative expressions based on your experiences and perspectives.

Questions? Write to us at: