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Rooted in care, sustaining movements: the Young Feminists for Climate Justice Storytelling Project

This year, the Young Feminists for Climate Justice network is working on a second collection of stories focusing on self and collective care. Young feminists, climate and environmental justice activists, communities, organisations, and individuals are facing increasing threats and risks when confronting oppressive structures of power like extractive corporations, corruption in government, or increasing militarization of  our lands and territories. Online harassment, surveillance of activists, and the facilitation of user data by online private corporations to persecute dissidence is an increasing and worrying trend in today’s global political context. In this way, the stress of organising, plus working and living a regular life, leads in many cases to burnout, trauma, exhaustion, and activists leaving movements altogether.

We need to pause, take a moment to heal. Ourselves. And each other.

Healing justice, self and collective care, and digital security have become central to the strategies young feminists deploy to bring about profound systemic change. Social, climate, and environmental justice must not cost us our lives, it must allow us to thrive.

With this initiative, we want to explore anecdotes, stories, needs, and demands that talk about caring for ourselves and each other. If you have a personal story to share, or know of groups, collectives, organizations or other young feminists, young women and trans* youth-led climate and environmental justice groups with similar experiences, please consider submitting a story to the project.

Use this form to submit your story.

Your submission will go through an editing process by the organising team, and then published in our website. Depending on length and format, your submissions can be included in the printed and illustrated zine-style version of the project.

Suggestions of story formats (you choose what’s most relevant to you, or take it in the direction you wish!):

  • Anecdote: Tell us about how and why you as a young feminists in the climate and environmental movement practice self and collective care.
  • Story of your path: Share how you realized the importance of integrating self and collective care in your feminists and environmentalist activism. What challenges have you encountered and how have you faced them?
  • Perspective: What is holistic care for you? What do we mean by self and collective care at a physical and digital level? What are the obstacles to these practices? How are these practices helping or hindering our movement?
  • Demands: Do we need to think about self and collective care at all in our activism? What are your priorities, as a young feminist/young woman for climate/environmental justice? What do you think is needed for our intersectional movement to be stronger and healthier?
  • Be creative: Share poetry, non-narrative writing, visual art, videos or other creative expressions based on the experiences and perspectives.

Ethical guidelines to collect and submit stories:

  • To obtain the free and informed consent of those whose stories are shared. Obtaining consent includes: explaining the objectives and process of the project, and engaging in a brief conversation to clarify the potential risks and benefits of participating. It shall be made clear to participants that they are free to withdraw from the project at any time, and that they may decline to respond to any questions. Their consent to participate should be obtained in clear written or verbal form.
  • To respect and defend anonymity, if desired by participants. All participants shall be explicitly asked if they wish to be anonymous or not, and in what way they wish their name or identity to be shared. Story collectors must protect confidential information, and inform participants how their confidentiality will be protected.
  • Do no harm. Our first responsibility is to the young feminists and young women who are choosing to share their stories. Their rights, interests, safety, and sensitivities must be respected.

Rooted in Healing: The Young Feminists for Climate Justice Storytelling project will be published at the youth climate spaces of COY14 (Nov 29-Dic 1) and the UN climate negotiations during COP24 (Dic 3-14). If anyone is planning on being there, please let us know! It would be great to plan and work together.

The Storytelling Project is an offering to the intersectional movement seeking environmental and gender justice through a systemic change, to urge others to think about how to better support us, and create spaces where activists can thrive and not just survive. This project, illustrations, and stories collected do not belong or are branded under any particular organization or individual, but rather are a platform generated by and for young activists who identify as young feminists for climate and environmental justice anywhere and everywhere.

Remuneration: If your submission is chosen to be included in the print publication, we can offer $50USD as a remuneration. You will receive an email from to collect your bank information.

What is the deadline for submitting a story?

  • Deadline to submit for inclusion in print publication: October 20th, 2018
  • Deadline to submit for online upload in our website: End of the year, 2018

Got questions? Write to: