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13Me chamo Evelyn Marie tenho 20 anos, ativista, feminista, negra e atualmente estudante de Farmácia estando no primeiro semestre, sou Técnica em Enfermagem e Produtora Cultural.  Fundadora do Coletivo Egunitá DúDú Yori, que tem hoje cerca de 25 membros ativos na luta contra o racismo, sexíssimo, e a violência contra as mulheres em Salvador. Apostamos na defesa dos direitos reprodutivos sexuais, nas questões que envolvem o abordo nas jovens menores de 25 anos para termos controle do nosso próprio corpo e com isso procuramos trabalhar com população que é mais atingida que mulheres negras periféricas. Nosso objetivo é que as políticas públicas nos incluam.


Maria Alejandra EscalanteMaria Alejandra Escalante is a social and environmental justice activist from Bogotá, Colombia. She studied Human ecology at College of the Atlantic, Maine, USA (2015), with an emphasis on agrarian studies and climate policies. She is currently pursuing a research Master’s on Rural Territorial Development at the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) in Quito, Ecuador. For her dissertation she focuses on the Colombian Zonas de Reserva Campesinas, territories constitutionally devoted to the autonomous development of rural and agricultural communities. Maria has played an active role in the movement for climate justice through climate advocacy, and more recently by being one of the co-founders of TierrActiva Colombia, a national and regional network working towards environmental justice, social inclusion, and gender equality. Maria believes in articulating the intersectionality of struggles as one of the core elements for building a robust and all-encompassing systemic change. In her spare time, Maria is happy reading, gardening and dancing salsa.



Marina Sophia Flevotomas is a Sociologist and a Climate and Social Justice Activist.  She is founder of the visual communications initative PulpoArt, addressing climate impacts through art, manuals and storytelling. While Marina’s roots are in Greece and Cyprus, she has been raised a global citizen by default of history’s migration triggers.  She entered the climate justice field through a human rights lens, especially working with and empowering one of the world’s most untapped resources and climate solutions: women and girls.  Her climate research addressed the lack of legal protection for climate refugees and environmentally displaced persons, environmental racism, and community driven solutions.  Marina believes that to truly address the climate crisis, we must reconnect with our most important values: respect, love and reciprocity for all of life. She dedicates her time to the Indigenous-led Buen Vivir Project Kusi Kawsay (Happy Life in Quechua) in the Andes of Peru, a community that has embraced her for the last years and taught her how to unlearn and relearn just about everything.


Mmabatho Motsamai credit - TronicArts PhotographyMmabatho Motsamai is a believer in African development through leadership, community engagement and the power of pen. She is the founder of The Afrolutionist, a blog that promotes dialogue on African Development in all sectors viewed in over 130 countries across the globe. Through her blogging experience, Mmabatho has explored the narrative of African Development across the globe, linking and learning with Afrolutionists in places like Ethiopia, France and South Korea. The Afrolutionist further runs CSR projects that promote sustainable development goals, centering all projects around SDG 17 She is also the cofounder of Botswana Youth Jobs Fair, and a key correspondent of Positive Vibes KP REACH program. She is also an alumni of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI Alumni), the APCIEU & UNSECO 2nd Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED, An Anzisha Media Finalist (2016), an alumni of YALA Academy and a Climate Tracker Africa Fellow.


Sally Souraya photoSally Souraya is from Lebanon and currently living in London. She is an occupational therapist with an extensive experience in the field of disability, mental health and psychosocial support. She holds Master’s degrees in both Global Mental Health and International Public Health. Sally’s experience included working as a trainer and advisor with international organisations on projects to address the needs of marginalised populations in different countries and to empower them to advocate for their rights. Moreover, Sally also worked as a freelance journalist in the Middle East writing about social issues and human rights. Sally has been actively involved in various social, artistic and advocacy projects, including initiatives to raise awareness about environmental issues. She believes that we all, individually and collectively, have duty and responsibility towards climate justice and environment. This could be performed through simple steps in our daily lives, as well as through our respective roles in society. Sally is very enthusiastic about being part of the Young Feminists in Climate Justice Storytelling project, as it is an invaluable opportunity to advocate for climate justice and shed light on the many inspiring contributions young feminists are making in this field around the world.


samirahSSamirah Siddiqui is currently pursuing an MSc in Global Biodiversity Conservation at University of Sussex. She is British Pakistani and has been brought up between London and Lahore. She has previously worked in green business and the development sector for WWF-Pakistan and CARE International UK. Her goal is to change the narrative of post-colonial countries and biodiversity, climate and environmental justice. She hopes to achieve this by increasing representation of the global majority in international development and decision-making.


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devisystemchangeDevi Leiper OMalley is a FRIDA co-director. For three years, she worked for the Asia Pacific program at the Global Fund for Women. During this time, she also co-founded the Devata Giving Circle, the first Cambodian-American giving circle. Prior to this, Devi supported the start-up of the Women’s Organization and Network for Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA), the first sex-worker led organization in Uganda. She has been consulting for various philanthropic organizations to organize a feminist movement-building spaces and resource-mobilization dialogues with feminist activists in Southeast Asia. In her spare time, Devi likes watching dance choreography videos, taking photos, spending time with family and playing with her dog Hachu. She speaks English, French and Khmer and tweets as @devi_lo.


KXL picJessica Olson, born and raised in Silicon Valley, California and blossoming into her feminism living deep in the heart of Central Texas, describes herself as a queer climate feminist. Jessica has been involved in feminist organizing in the international UN climate system since 2012. Domestically in the US, she works as a facilitator of gender justice workshops, anti-racism coaching, and local anti-fascist organizing efforts. Professionally, she works with the Sierra Club’s international climate campaign focusing on issues of gender and climate- working for justice-centered human mobility and young feminist action. When she’s not building coalitions, creating colorful spreadsheets, or organizing, Jessica is out climbing rocks, attending theater performances, doing yoga or practicing aerial silks and trapeze art. She is a lover of bad puns, perfectly baked cookies, and British comedy.


LedysLedys Sanjuan Mejía is the FRIDA advocacy officer. She is a digital activist and specialist in feminist international political economy from Bogotá, Colombia. Ledys contributed to the student and worker movements in defense of public services from an intersectional perspective and through organising women of colour collectives in the UK. Additionally, she coordinated international volunteers in a youth collective in Hebron, Palestine recording human rights abuses. Later, she founded the first Latin American activist school, a collective of digital activist that use popular education to train more activists in digital and campaigning skills throughout the region. Currently, she lives in Bogotá where she spends her time writing and reciting poetry, practising kundalini yoga, training women’s self defense, cuddling her cats and organising with her queer ecofeminist collective doing creative interventions, workshops, bike rides, urban gardening and political actions in defense of mother earth and women’s bodies. She tweets as @Red_Led68.


noclimatejusticeMajandra Rodriguez Acha (third from left), from Lima, Peru, is a climate justice activist and educator focusing on intersectionality, feminism, activism and the environment. Majandra is part of the founding crew of TierrActiva Perú, a collective and national network that works towards “system change, not climate change” and the building of alternatives to the climate crisis. In 2016, Majandra was Young Feminist Fellow for Climate Justice at the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) and FRIDA, promoting the visibility and engagement of young women and young feminist activists in climate advocacy. She is currently a FRIDA board member, and a member of the Next Generation Climate Board at Global Greengrants Fund. In her spare time, Majandra likes to play drums in an all-women group, ride her bike and do worm composting. She tweets as @majandrraa.